Hous Amberherthe


In general, we aim to have fun, be as authentic and accurate as we can given our resources, and to support the broader Society. There is an expectation that our members will support our aims and strive, to the best of their ability, to uphold the ideals of the society, including arts, service and chivalry.

Hous Amberherthe has been blessed with a wide variety of residents over the years. It is important to us to contribute to the SCA and our local Barony. One of the ways we do this is to share, support and mentor our residents as they grow and develop within the Barony to find their own place in the wider SCA.

Current Residents:

Christian Baier wearing something, somewhere, sometime.Meistern Christian Baier was born in Wittenburg, although her parents came there from Nurnberg following the new court. Her lord is a Danish "gentleman of war" who came to Wittenburg to serve in the emperor's army. She accompanys him on campaign, as do many of the wives and women of the other soldiers.

Christian was elevated to the Order of the Laurel in Caid for both costuming and cooking.

Isabel Maria wearing her favoured mongil trancado at Midwinter Coronation, in the Arts Centre, 2007.Baronessa Isabel Maria del Aguila is a Spanish lady of good family who currently maintains a small apartment near her family in Madrid. When not looking after business interests, her primary passions are fashions of the Court and arranging social occasions to entertain members of the Court. (In other words, she likes costuming and stewarding events.)

per chevron vert and gules, a chevron between two fleur de dys and an eagle orIsabel Maria was apprenticed to Christian until her elevation to the Order of the Laurel, in the Kingdom of Lochac, for costuming.

She maintains her own webpage:
Per Mano Isabel Maria.

Past Residents:

Over the last 25+ years, a number of our past residents have moved on to form their own households, or to follow career paths outside the SCA. We are always thrilled to see the skills developed as part of Hous Amberherthe further honed in pursuit of ongoing goals, and are delighted to still count them as friends.

Sir Vitale Giustiniani (Kowhai Artisan Jewellery)

Sir Tycho Julso

Lady Vildan el Taalabatun

Lady Isabella Agnes von Lichterveld

Lady Safir Gul

THL Teresa d'Arezzo

Baron Richard d'Allier

THL Ethelind of Darkwood Keep (Not Just Red Ones Jewellery)

Lady Gerel (formerly Lucia Anastasia da Curzola)

Lord Jajiradai (formerly Geoffrey Fitzwilliam)

Baron Oswyn Carolus

THL Elizabetta Foscari (La mie avventure in cucina e cucire)

Lord Angus de Sommerville

Baroness Agnes Graye

Lady Elena Sophia di Luciano dei Medici

We hope you enjoy your visit with us.