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We do not eat to live. As far as we are concerned, eating and food is an important part of the whole medieval experience. Therefore time and attention is given to eating and food preparation. Sharing meals is also a very important part of the bonding and socialization process of the household.

Period (or period-oid) foods are preferred at all time.

If you are eating with us, you are expected to do you share of the preparation, cooking and clean up as well as contributing to your share of the costs. If you are not eating with us, our communal facilities are not available.

General Menu Plan Structure

Or, what you get for your money


is often modern cereal if only a few of us are camping, or we are all expecting to be very busy. Otherwise it is cooked, and is usually something like eggs, sausages, bacon, toast, maybe even pancakes or waffles etc.


is usually bread products, cold meats, cheeses, pickles (gherkins, onions, olives), nuts and dried fruits, fresh fruits, dips or spreads, sweet things. Hot dishes such as lozenges or soup might be served if its really cold.


is one meat dish (stew, grilled meats, roast), one carbohydrate dish (rice, lozenges, pasta, bread, etc), some vegetable dish, usually salad, and some kind of vegetarian protein dish. A dessert is also usual. Bread is often served with dinner in addition to the carbohydrate dishes. If, however, at a very busy event, this may get reduced to couscous, steak and a store-bought salad. We prefer this does not happen, but our sanity is precious to us.


in the form of fruit and biscuits are usually available if you get hungry between meals.

Special luxury treat nibbles (e.g. Turkish delight, macroons etc) may magically appear on occasion for teas or supper, although there is no guarantee of this.

Also provided are rudimentary tea and coffee, and some cordials.

What you donít get:

Alcohol, fizzy (coke, fanta etc), juice etc. BYO whatever you like to drink. Ditto chips or chocolate, keep your own stash and remember the rule about public chocolate. If you would like to contribute to the luxury treats, be our guest.

How our meal plan works

There are a number of ways in which the food plan has worked, but the most common is the following:

Well before the event someone (either Christian, Lucia or Elisabetta) will draw up a menu plan taking into account peopleís dietary needs and foibles and the meals needed at the event. The food will be all period or almost-period. (This will be run past everyone before being finalized.)

They then does the pre-event prep in terms of shopping, preparation, storage, packing, transporting etc. (Help is appreciated at this point because it is A LOT of work and whoever does it has a job and life too.)


Everyone will be required to volunteer for cooking and cleaning duties. Menus and recipes and other helpful information will be supplied. Those rostered on are responsible for the cooking of the meal or the clean up, regardless of who is helping out.


If we can, we make bread once or twice a day (depending on the numbers camping), everyday in our breadmaker(s) in Tui lodge. The owners of the machines are responsible for collection and resupply (we will schedule this in the camp schedule). Usually the materials are supplied by the breadmakees and the cost shared with the food plan cost.


is what it is. Cost can be from $35-65 ish per adult for a 5 day event. The cost will vary depending on the time you are on site. Rest assured that Christian doesnít waste any money and much of the stuff is provided free from her own larder.


sometimes we may have themes for events, days or even just individual meals. In the past, members have been invited to create a dinner menu suitable for their persona. This has proven to be successful, and quite a lot of fun. As such it is being extended to include lunches sometime soon.

Cooking Meals Onsite

1. Don't Panic

2. All cooking, preparation and serving equipment that is likely to be required will be supplied.

3. All food and food products that are required will be supplied.

4. Ensure you start meals promptly. I.e. donít lie in if you are on breakfast as this will delay others, donít delay dinner as its hard to cook (and clean) in the dark

5. An Amberherthe Recipe Book will be on hand, along with a schedule and plan.

Important information

Dietary issues Ė we all have our own peculiarities, and we cater for everyone, although that may mean you might have to do a little extra work occasionally to cater for your foibles. This has not been problematic but if the idea freaks you out, just ask.

We will check with everyone before an encampment as to their dietary needs and also their likes and dislikes. There is no point serving food that people wonít eat. Of course no one is ever honest about this sort of thing, as if they think they might be weirder than some of our previous members and guests. Really.

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