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A collection of projects, articles, documentation and ongoing research from the household and friends.

The following is only a small selection of our work. New articles will be added as they are written and the older ones removed to personal websites as they get replaced. Many more articles, as well as picture galleries, project summaries and documentation can be found on our individual webpages, which are linked on the left. We encourage you to explore our personal websites.

Sartorial Arts

For late 16thC Spanish Gowns Isabel Maria recommends:

Libro de Geometria, Pratica, y Traca, Juan d'Alcega, 1580

Tailor's Pattern Book, Trans Bain & Stanton, 1999. (Facsimilie and translation of the Alcega's 1589 edition.)

Alonso Sanchez Coello y el Retrato en la Corte de Felippe II, Santiago Saavedra, 1990.

For some reason, joining Amberherthe tends to have something of an effect on your wardrobe. Most members of the household are very keen on making spectacular clothing. (Possibly because they enjoy the challenge of re-creating ancient fashions, re-discovering forgotten methods and/or re-introducing bizarre accessories. Or, more probably, because they are vain and can't buy this stuff at the mall.)

Research Articles

  • Isabel Maria & Elisabetta both have articles on women's fashions waiting to be uploaded

How To Articles

  • Likewise, these articles will soon be migrated to this site

Events & Stewarding

Hous Amberherthe has a very strong culture of service. Members are encouraged to hold office and help with events as their skills and available resources allow. As a result we have accumulated a large amount of experience around planning, running, rescuing and wrangling events.

Food & Drink

As it says on our Food Plan page, food and eating is an important part of the whole medieval experience. Where possible, we eat only period (or occasionally perioid) food while at events. Fortunately, some of our members are skilled cooks. (Although, to be honest, others can't be trusted not to burn popadums...)


  • Nothing here yet, but do check back.

Creature Comforts

Over the years, members of Amberherthe have accumulated a huge amount of "stuff" to make their SCA lives more comfortable. Very occasionally we find suitable items at the mall, but more often than not, we end up doing a bunch of research and learning new skills in order to acquire the desired item. The following are some of our favourites.

  • There should soon be directions for a Rene d'Angou style chandelier, a collapsible bench and tips for faking enamelled renaissance glasswear.

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