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The venue for the Merchants' Ball is the Richmond Methodist Church Hall on Stanmore Road, between the Working Mens' Club and Ma & Pa's Bakery, just along from the Richmond Reserve where we hold Sunday Fighters' Practice.

There is plenty of parking beside the reserve, on London Street, which comes off Stanmore Road opposite the New World supermarket.



Site Rules and Regulations


No Smoking anywhere on site

No Alcohol anywhere on site

Do not close the front door, or pull it to.  Doing this will arm the building's security alarm.
If you need to use the door, ensure it is left propped open with the catch and secured using the available chain.



Please avoid taking food and drink over the designated dance floor.
Be sure to inform the steward if any spills should happen so that they can be cleaned up as quickly as possible in order to avoid slippery (or sticky) patches that could cause injury to dancers.


Attendees are requested to bring their own recognisable drinking vessel in light of SCA custom and modern health concerns.

The cordials are sugar based.  If you are unable to partake of such a beverage, or prefer to bring your own non-alcoholic refreshments, please do so in a discreet period (or 'perioid') container.