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The ball is to run along lines reminiscent of a standard SCA style ball, even though the dance itself is quite different.

Every dance on the dance list is of a style that can be seen in Arbeau, a dance source contemporary to the place and time of the ball setting.  Some dances have been included which are SCA creations, usually modified versions of Arbeau dances, in order to provide some familiarity for those attending the ball.

The evenings dances have been divided up into five sets.  Dance lists will be posted discretely about the town hall should you wish to know what is yet to come.

If a dance has already begun and you would like to join in, simply link up with the end of the line or find a place in the circle.  However, some dances require an even number of participants to work smoothly.  If you wish to join one of these dances (eg Official or Hay Branles) you will need to join with a partner in order to ensure the dance runs properly for all involved.


Between each set there will be a short break during which cordials will be served.

After the fourth set a light supper of finger food will be served away from the dance floor.

The external doors will be opened during the supper break to allow those who wish to, an opportunity for a short promenade in the fresh air.

Requests for dances to be repeated, or dances of a similar period and location will be accepted after the supper until such time as the ball closes.




Beverages will be served between sets 

Should you require some refreshment please profer your goblet to the servers. 

The cordials are sugar based.  If you have an aversion to sugar, please feel free to bring your own non-alcoholic beverage in a period or 'perioid' container.

A drinking vinegar will also be offered during the evening.  (It may be wise to try a little to start as it is something of an acquired taste.)


Supper will be served after the fourth set

The supper, consisting of beverages and light finger food may be delayed until after the fifth set, if the dancing proceeds quickly. 

A tentative menu consists of:
fruit, biscuits, marzipan fruit, sugared almonds and candied fruit.