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Recent Events

A list of recent happenings to assist Ball attendees with the topics of conversations are likely to encounter.
(It is also an opportunity to explore well-known events from a new perspective.)



Within France

The Wars of Religion, started in 1562, are still going as of 1589.
Fortunately there have been no further incidents like the St Bartholemews Day massacre.

The Hugenots (Protestants) still control the southwest of France, while the Catholics are firmly entrenched in the northeast.

King Henri III was recently assassinated by fanatical monk, Jacques Clement.

Henri de Navarre is denied the throne on the basis that he is not Catholic.

Cardinal de Bourbon proclaimed King of France under the name Charles X, by the duc de Mayenne.

English navy destroyed the Spanish Armada at Calais just last year..


Front and reverse of the sous coin, of Charles X


Elsewhere in Europe

Protestant Queen of England, Elizabeth Tudor, had the Catholic Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots
(and former Queen of France) executed only 2 years previously.

The same year the Spanish fleet was destroyed by English Pirate, Francis Drake,
while moored at Cadiz.

Elizabeth is still financing the rebellion in the Netherlands.

There are vague rumours of plague in Rome.