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Dance List 


There are five sets of dances prepared for the evening. 

All can be traced back to Arbeau, even though some take a detour via SCA history.  The majority of the dances here are long-time favourites of the Barony, having been danced at various times over the last decade.

Once the dance list has been completed, and after the supper, requests will be accepted for repeats of popular dances of the evening.



Quatre Branles

Cheat Sheet for set: here

Double Branle

Single Branle

Gay Branle

Burgundian Branle


Odd Branles

Cheat Sheet for set: here

Candlestick Branle

Horses Branle

Hay Branle


Mimed Branles

Cheat Sheet for set: here

Hermits Branle

Clog Branle

Pease Branle

Washerwoman Branle


Society Dances

Cheat Sheet for set: here

Official Branle

Maltese Branle


Known World Pavan & Galliard


Cutte Branles

Cheat Sheet for set: here

Cassandra Branle

Pinagay Branle

Charlotte Branle

La Guerre Branle

Aridan Branle



The dance music used at the Ball will be from "Eschewing of Ydleness", various recordings
of Wolgemut, and free music collected from the internet.

If you require step by step instructions, or practice music for each of these, many of the dances
can be found in
Del's Dance Book, here.

You can also look at redacting the dances yourself from Arbeau's original French in the transcript
available here.