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Etiquette regarding Dancing:

As you are no doubt aware, there are likely to be many interpretations of each of these dances.  Please view ones you are not familar with as foreign abberations (rather than right or wrong), for we all know foreigners have many strange customs. 

As there will be so many 'foreign' dancers at this ball, please be very aware of your surroundings as the various interpretations may give rise to ... collisions on the dance floor.

If you are concerned your version of a dance may conflict with another interpretation, please feel free to start a second group if there is sufficient room on the dance floor.  For example, a small circle might fit inside a larger group, etc.

Please take note of signals being sent by the people you are dancing with.  If your partner is not comfortable conversing while dancing, it is polite to cease your efforts.  Likewise, if a lady gives you one hand during the Official Branle, it is not polite to attempt to lift her as if she had placed her hands on your shoulders.


Etiquette regarding Observing the Dancers:

Polite conversation is encouraged amongst the observers.   However, please endeavour not to critique the efforts of others and take care to ensure your discussions are sufficiently quiet they cannot be heard on the dance floor.

Various amusements will be placed around the hall for your entertainment should your interest in dancing wane during the course of the evening.  Please mind the volume of your participation, so that the enjoyment of others is not marred.

Should you be seated, please ensure that you in no way impede the flow of other observers, dancers or servers.  Ladies should ensure their train is carefully removed to under their seat.



Etiquette regarding Other Matters:

Gloves, Handkerchiefs, Necklaces, Hats, Fans, etc
Ladies should take care that such items are securely fastened or stowed so that they may not fall out onto the dance floor.  Otherwise the Lords, in their haste to be of assistance, may disrupt the dancing.

Food and Drink, etc
Please endeavour to enjoy such fare off the dance floor.   Servers will make the rounds between each set, should you wish your goblet refilled.   Please also ensure your unattended goblets are not in the way of swishing skirts or enthusiastic dancers.