Carnivale Ball

A masked ball set during the Venetian Carnival of 1497

masks discarded on a table rug by dancers towards the end of the evening

Many thanks to those of you who participated in this quest for a more period style of ball.

A gallery of pictures taken at the Carnivale Ball can be viewed on the Amberherthe flickr gallery.


"The Ball was a great example of a researched event ... and was really great."
Mistress Eleanora van den Bogaerde



The dance list consisted of the following dances from 15th Century Italy.

The following cheat sheets were posted as we learned each of the dances in practices

Petit Vriens



Rostibolli Gioioso




A Step Glossary can be found here



Were held on Sundays the 18th & 25th July and 1st August at the Richmond School hall on Pavitt Street, Christchurch.

The hall opened at 10:00am, but the practice proper was from noon (or more acurately when the fighters arrived from their practice) until 2:00pm at the latest.



We danced to a combination of music from the Eschewyng of Ydlenesse CD produced by
Gaita and Misericordia and the Joy and Jealousy Music arranged by Monica Cellio. 

Monica Cellio's arrangements can also be found on Del's Dance Site



The Rose Chapel

866 Colombo Street

Doors opened at six o’clock on the evening of August 7th 2004,
dancing began at half past the hour. 

Dancers were encouraged to dress in the Venetian style, and many did. 
Some visitors from neighbouring states prefered to wear clothes of their homeland
for familiarity of movement while wearing masks. 

( Chopines were forbidden in order to protect the site.)


Site Restrictions

No food or drink was allowed in the Rose Chapel at any time. 
Participants needed to ensure they were sufficiently well fed and hydrated before attending.

There was next to no onsite parking - but there was plenty on Colombo Street


Further Information for Participants

Those of you who desired an insight into local customs and etiquette, the following laws and decrees etc
were supplied well ahead of the event.


Matters of Customs and Etiquette Relating to a Ball

Laws and Decrees of Relevance to a Masqueraders

A selection of Contemporary Comments of Relevance to Courtiers and Dance

Current Events of Interest to Venice and her Trading Partners.

A little information on Masks



Should you require any further information please contact the event steward:
Helois de Mont St Michel.  (Contact details available in FTT.)