Hous Amberherthe Compendium
A small collection of articles, recipes, documentation and ongoing research related to our persona development journeys and event stewarding projects.
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Hous Amberherthe has run numerous feasts, balls, tournaments, and encampments over the years, with a pronounced preference for 'limited focus' and 'high end' events. The following articles are designed to share what we have learned in our endeavours, so far.
Favourite Events
We do not eat to live. As far as we are concerned, eating and food is an important part of the whole persona experience.

Getting to know the popular foods, as well as common flavour profiles or methods of a time and place can lend valuable insights into a persona. Therefore great care and attention is given to presentation, eating and especially food preparation.
Camping Recipes
Banqueting Recipes
  • Marchpane
  • Sugared Oranges

                                           ...more to come...
When it all comes together
The final course of the Festa di Natale.
Following the directions described in Scappi, it was served from the sideboard, which gave us this opulent display.

Southron Gaard, December 2018

Quality, well-researched clothing (along with the appropriate accessories) is something of a passion for residents of the household. Not only do such garments help your persona development, but they also lend fascinating insights into historical practices and period skills.
Spanish Wardrobe

We aim to be as authentic and accurate as we can given our available resources. Items of material culture do wonders for helping us to explore our personas.  Consequently, developing our encampment is an ongoing project.

Past Projects
Past household projects include the sunshade, household gonfalon, encampment walls, gate, camp kitchen, silk standard, and ongoing maintenance in addition to individual projects for our personal pavilions.

Personal projects may include items like beds, tables, shelves, collections of games or pass-times, and even tents, that suit our persona.
Personal Pavilion
Creating a persona appropriate space while camping is, generally, a long term endeavour of many incremental improvements.

This view took over 20 years of collecting and making, but still has a wee bit of room for improvement.