Hous Amberherthe is an SCA household with an unquenchable passion for creating historical fashion, cooking historical food, and stewarding events at which to enjoy them.
Join our journey as we explore persona development for use at SCA events.
Our Research and Service Unlock'd

This website is a place for us to share what we have learned through research and practical experience while developing our personas, designing limited focus events, and finding ways to engage in meaningful 'persona play' at events.   You will see we have a focus on creating items of material culture to support our individual personas.

We also hope to introduce you to some of our favourite sources of inspiration and share our enthusiasm for the SCA.
The Venetian Masquerade Ball
Isabel Maria and Christian take a moment between dances at the limited focus, fifteenth century ball held in the Historic Rose Chapel. 
(Stewarded by Hous Amberherthe)
The Feast of the Quest of Sir Percival
Baron Christopher and Baroness Claire listen to the tale of Sir Percival while they wait for the sun to set at a sumptuous, high gothic feast.
(Stewarded by Hous Amberherthe)


We enjoy camping together as a household as often as circumstances allow. 

Over the years we have worked to create personal pavilions to suit our personas, as in addition to improving the larger encampment.

About Us

Hous Amberherthe was first formed in 1991, by a group of friends who enjoyed going to events and working together. Since then, residents of the household have continued to develop a penchant for creating spectacular clothing, good food and 'high end' events.

Amberherthe is a private household based in the Barony of Southron Gaard, part of the Crescent Isles of Lochac.