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Hous Amberherthe was first formed in 1991, by a group of friends who enjoyed going to events and working together. Since then, residents of the household have continued to develop a penchant for creating spectacular clothing, good food and 'high end' events.

Amberherthe is a private household based in the Barony of Southron Gaard, part of the Crescent Isles of Lochac.

This website is a place for us to share what we have learned, through research and practical experience, as well as some sources of inspiration and enthusiasm.

Isabel Maria & Christian at the fifteenth century Venetian Ball at the Rose Chapel in 2004.  (Event stewarded by Hous Amberherthe)

Isabel Maria & Christian attending the fifteenth century Venetian Ball held at the Rose Chapel in 2004, a limited focus event stewarded by Hous Amberherthe.

The Compendium contains a selection of Hous Amberherthe's favourite articles, pieces of documentation and ongoing reseach. Our particular interests include costuming, cooking and event stewarding, but our forays into other areas are also included.

A cupboard display of silver at Baronial Anniversary, at the Cust in 2012.  (Event stewarded by Hous Amberherthe)

A display of silver on the sideboard at first Baronial Anniversary of Oswyn and Isabel Maria, Baron and Baroness Southron Gaard. This Neptunalia themed event held at Cust was stewarded by Hous Amberherthe.

Our annotated galleries show events we have been involved with, with some brief reminiscences about the standout moments for our members, while the Flickr galleries contain photographs spanning 20+ years of events, both local and international, that our people have attended during their time in the SCA.

Similarly, a selection of our inspiration and research galleries are kept on Pinterest, where you are welcome to follow us.

The Feast of Sir Percival and the Quest for the Holy Grail.  (Event stewarded by Hous Amberherthe)

Lord Oswyn regales diners, including Christopher and Claire, Baron and Baroness Southron Gaard, with the exploits of Sir Percival at the limited focus "Feast of Sir Percival and the Quest for the Holy Grail", a high gothic event stewarded by Hous Amberherthe.

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